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Can Bitcoin Break Historical September Price Trends? Spike Above $51K Suggests 2021’s 9th Month Is Different

The price of bitcoin has risen above the $51K zone on Sunday and traders and speculators are curious as to where the price is headed next. Historically, in September, bitcoin prices don’t fare so well and usually get better in October. For this reason, skeptics are not sure if bitcoin’s price will continue to be bullish during the ninth month of the year. So far, however, the end of the first week of September 2021 has

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An In Depth Look at Bitcoin’s First Chain Split: Satoshi Helps Reverse the Creation of 184 Billion BTC

Since January 3, 2009, the Bitcoin network has been functional for 99.98662952015% of the time. However, the protocol has had a few hiccups along the way and on a few occasions, the chain split into two. Most people are well aware of the Bitcoin Cash split that took place on August 1, 2017, but the first time the Bitcoin chain split was 11 years ago on August 15, 2010. Strange Block 74,638 4,019 days ago on August 15, 2010, the Bitcoin community had a problem which was dubbed the “over

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S2F Creator Plan B ‘Reconfirms’ His Confidence in Bitcoin Forecast — ‘This Bull Is Not Over and $64K Was Not the Top’

Last month, the popular bitcoin analyst and creator of the stock-to-flow price model, Plan B, explained that he believed the “bull is not over.” On August, 6, Plan B is still showing confidence in his forecast and reconfirmed his message from last month. Meanwhile, bitcoin prices have been able to bounce back and on Sunday, bitcoin prices tapped a high of $45,355. Plan B Shows Confidence in Previous Forecast While Bitco

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Crypto Fear and Greed Index Taps Low at ‘Extreme Fear,’ BTC Technicals Point to Uncertainty

On Wednesday, following the drop below the $30,000 region, bitcoin’s price has rebounded more than 8% since Tuesday’s low. Meanwhile, the sentiment metric recorded by the Crypto Fear and Greed Index (CFGI) is extremely low, pointing to “extreme fear” in the market. Despite being a scary term, the time is usually the best time to obtain assets for a lower price. However, data from Tradingview’s technicals show bitcoin is still in the “sell” range, while bitcoin market oscillators are more “neutral.” CFGI Sentiment Metric Reaches ‘Extreme Fear’ The price of bitcoin (BTC) tapped a low of $29

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