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Category: Bitcoin (BTC)


Gavin Andresen Publishes Theory of Possible Crypto Future: Whales Shut Down the BTC Network in the Year 2100

On September 21, former Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen published an interesting blog post about “a possible [Bitcoin] future.” The blog post details a theoretical situation for the Bitcoin network in 2061, where most [bitcoin] transactions don’t happen on the [Bitcoin] network. A Theoretical Look at $6 Million Dollars per Bitcoin and the Year 2061 Following Satoshi Nakamoto’s departure from Bitcoin in 2010, for a few years, Gavin Andresen was considered the software’s lead maintainer after Nakamoto left him the keys. In 2011, Bitcoin developer

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Ground Reports Concerning Salvadoran Bitcoin Law Highlight False Narrative Painted by Influencers

On Tuesday, News spoke with Marc Falzon, an individual who has been documenting the bitcoin rollout in El Salvador since the law was implemented on September 7. Falzon says that there are a number of issues that no one is talking about in regard to the bitcoin law and the Chivo wallet, a government-crafted bitcoin wallet. One specific issue is the fact that Chivo wallet users cannot spend less than $5 when using the app. Marc Falzon: Reporting on the Bitcoin Situation in El Salvador from the Ground On September 7, 2021, El Salvador implemented the bitcoin tender law…

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Report Says Western Union Could Lose $400M if El Salvador’s Chivo Bitcoin Wallet Gains Traction, Tim Berners-Lee Weighs In

The Republic of El Salvador has made many headlines this week as the country adopted bitcoin as legal tender on Tuesday and became the first-known nation-state to purchase the leading crypto asset. A recent report details that remittance providers like Moneygram and Western Union could lose up to $400 million annually if the Chivo wallet is used more. Furthermore, the creator of the world wide web, Tim Berners-Lee has written an opinion piece abou

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Salvadoran Government’s Chivo Wallet Experiences Hiccups, Some Residents Can’t Claim $30 BTC Reward

On the day El Salvador implemented the bitcoin tender law, the official government wallet called the Chivo wallet had some initial issues for five hours on Tuesday. Residents could not leverage the application and had issues accessing the app on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The situation seems to be resolved now as Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele explained o

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