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Category: BTC/USD


Massive Short Squeeze Pushes Bitcoin Closer to $40K, Crypto Economy Jumps 9% Higher

The price of bitcoin jumped over 15% in a matter of three hours on Sunday evening and came awfully close to the $40K handle. Since then, the crypto asset has dropped back a few percentages and currently hovers above the $38K range. The entire cryptocurrency economy has spiked 9.72% rising to $1.53 trillion in overall value. Bitcoin’s Price Skyrockets After Long Period of Consol

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Crypto Fear and Greed Index Taps Low at ‘Extreme Fear,’ BTC Technicals Point to Uncertainty

On Wednesday, following the drop below the $30,000 region, bitcoin’s price has rebounded more than 8% since Tuesday’s low. Meanwhile, the sentiment metric recorded by the Crypto Fear and Greed Index (CFGI) is extremely low, pointing to “extreme fear” in the market. Despite being a scary term, the time is usually the best time to obtain assets for a lower price. However, data from Tradingview’s technicals show bitcoin is still in the “sell” range, while bitcoin market oscillators are more “neutral.” CFGI Sentiment Metric Reaches ‘Extreme Fear’ The price of bitcoin (BTC) tapped a low of $29

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