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US Inflation Continues to Rise Amid Lockdown Talk, Producer Prices Jump 7.8%, Biden Blames OPEC

The United States is facing severe inflation despite the Federal Reserve and mainstream media doubling down on saying the loss of purchasing power is just “transitory.” This week consumer and producer metrics from July have been published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and inflation is growing stronger. July CPI Stats Show a Jump to 5.4%, Producer Prices Skyrocket by 7.8% President Joe Biden has been

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US Consumers Expect Inflation to Continue Rising Sharply According to the Fed’s Latest Survey

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York published the Survey of Consumer Expectations report on Monday, which shows U.S. consumers are expecting short-term inflation levels to be higher than usual. Meanwhile, the report also shows American consumers’ expectations of long-term inflation have reached the highest level since 2013. New York Fed’s Survey of Consumer Expectations Report Shows Dismal Find

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